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Narukvice od Неоново ružičaste plastike WristCo - 500 zapakirane narukvice za aktivnosti

Narukvice od Неоново ružičaste plastike WristCo - 500 zapakirane narukvice za aktivnosti

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500 NEON PINK PLASTIC WRISTBANDS FROM WRISTCO - The wristbands are packaged in sheets of twenty.Each wristband measures 5/8 inches wide by 10 inches long and will fit most wrists.Each wristband uses a single use snap which prevents transfer.PREMIUM QUALITY - All bracelets are manufactured in the USA using 3 layers of polyeythylene and polyester and contain a water, stretch, and tear-proof core that is both flexible and comfortable.SECURITY YOU CAN TRUST - Each Wrist Co Plastic Wristband uses a waterproof, tamper-resistant single snap enclosure.If a visitor attempts to transfer the wristband, the snap will in a way that prevents re-use.PERFECT FOR EVENT ADMISSION - Wrist Co Plastic wristbands are perfect for places that require identification of customers like nightclubs, bars, waterparks, arcades, etc.They're also used in event type settings like fairs, festivals, sporting events, etc.Tyvek wristbands are perfect for events that require security and crowd control.Each bracelet has a security diecut to prevent tampering and multiple use.All wristbands are manufactured with waterproof inks and can be written on with Sharpie-style markers as well.Available in numerous color options including neon, metallic, black light, pantone, and more!.Can be personalized with your own text or logo to fit your needs.Choose from a wide variety of popular designs for your next event.A synthetic material made of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers.Ideal for uses where paper simply isnt strong enough.Its strength and water resistance makes it great for wristbands.

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